Scriptural Resources for Peace |
Tue, November 6th, 01:15 PM
02:00 PM

Scriptural Resources for Peace

Our Scriptures and traditions are the most important spiritual resources which each of us possesses. We believe that the Scriptures of each religion teach the path to peace, but we acknowledge that our various sacred writings have often been and continue to be used to justify violence, war, and exclusion of others. Our various communities cannot ignore such passages which have often been misinterpreted or manipulated for unworthy goals such as power, wealth, or revenge, but we must all recognize the need for new, contextual studies and a deeper understanding of our various Scriptures that clearly enunciate the message and value of peace for all humanity. Our session will discuss how believers need to examine those Scriptural passages that depict people of other religions in ways that conflict with their own self-understanding. We will explore how this requires a renewed effort to educate properly our own adherents to the values and beliefs of others. Such interreligious education, that takes seriously the self-understanding of other religious traditions, is essential for communicating the message of peace to new generations. This challenge is to remain true to our own faith without disparaging or distorting that of others. We will offer a process that will allow interfaith leaders to teach how to use Scripture for positive means, while recontextualizing the problematic aspects.