Shared Narratives of Hardships - United Hope for Healing |
Fri, November 2nd, 02:15 PM
03:00 PM

Shared Narratives of Hardships - United Hope for Healing

Both the Jewish peoples and North American Indigenous peoples share commonalities in their commitment to peoplehood, spirituality, and investment in the land. Further, both nations have suffered unspeakable hardships in their histories and today face the challenge of holding this troubled past close and identifying a pathway forward. Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg, a grandchild of Holocaust Survivors, and Kim Wheatley, Anishinaabe (Ojibway) band member of Shawanaga First Nation, will reflect on their shared conversations as keepers of their family’s stories. They will speak to the importance of documenting past histories internally within their respective communities, and externally with neighboring communities, as a means to build bridges and to heal wounds of the past. Kim will join Cantor Charles Osborne in demonstrating the power of song as a storytelling tool and source of hope.