Theology of One Humanity |
Sun, November 4th, 12:15 PM
01:45 PM

Theology of One Humanity

The international community has come together as one family to tackle global challenges such as poverty and climate change. This program emphasizes a shared humanity that will help to create a better world for future generations, while also upholding people’s safety, dignity, and the right to thrive. This session will focus on the theological perspectives of several faiths on shared humanity, in order to bring people together and alleviate the forces that cause disruption, prejudice, and hatred. Speakers from different faiths will emphasize the oneness of humanity by quoting from their respective religious traditions and scriptures. Acceptance of the principle of shared humanity should lead to elimination of prejudices, whether religious, racial, or related to gender. Faith communities working together can find the ways and means to eliminate prejudice, anger, and ego in order to create a society with compassion.