Video for Change: Challenges and Lessons Learned |
Sun, November 4th, 04:15 PM
05:45 PM

Video for Change: Challenges and Lessons Learned

Are you using video to film protests, capture interviews, or document human rights violations to support your advocacy efforts? Do you want to create videos or engage media in order to make a lasting impact? According to Pew, young people aged 18 to 36 around the world use the Internet and technology more than older generations. Many believe that technology is an instrumental tool to build a new world of work, and the Next Generation is ready to help create that vision. This session will be an interactive, skills-based workshop that explores the successes and potentialities, as well as limitations and challenges, that human rights video bring to the objectives of contemporary advocacy, reporting, and accountability efforts. Learn from Raja Althaibani, Program Manager at WITNESS. With over 10 years of field experience in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Raja is most recognized for her broad-based and in-depth understanding of human rights, technology, and the MENA.