Where's the Honor in Domestic Violence? | parliamentofreligions.org
Tue, November 6th, 12:15 PM
01:45 PM

Where's the Honor in Domestic Violence?

Is there a difference between honor crimes and domestic violence? If so, are the differences cultural, religious, about control, misogyny, race, or ethnicity? Perhaps the reasons for both honor crimes and domestic violence are much more similar than we understand, nor care to admit. With case studies, statistics, a focus on religious texts from both Islam and Christianity, as well as practical experience and knowledge, the presenters will illustrate how domestic violence and honor crimes are viewed and understood. They will also explore what we, as religious and spiritually minded people, can do to create different narratives that challenge the ideology about women trapped in abusive relationships, as well as how religion and culture, especially, play a role in understanding these acts of violence.