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Mon, November 5th, 03:15 PM
04:00 PM

Women’s Leadership in Zoroastrianism - Networking and Mentoring

206D - Women's Hospitality
For the first time in Parliament history, the Women’s Hospitality Room will be hosting a series of networking and mentoring sessions to encourage women to explore opportunities and advance in leadership within their own faith traditions. Each gathering is co-hosted by Dr. Elizabeth Ursic, Parliament Women’s Task Force Chair with a female leader from a particular faith tradition. Your Zoroastrian co-hosts will be: Dolly Dastoor Ph.D , president, Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America, 1994-1998, Co-chair world Zoroastrian Congress 2000, and Editor in chief Fezana Journal; and Mobedyar Guloo Marzban Austin, who took up the responsibility of becoming a mobedyar in 2012, following the North American Mobedyar Council’s decision to accept women as assistant priests. She was the first from the Indian subcontinent to become a mobedyar.