Key Goal

The 2018 Parliament of the World Religions has selected Canada and specifically Toronto as the site for its seventh annual meeting, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the first Parliament in 1893. One of the primary goals of PWR 2018 is to provide a platform for Indigenous wisdom and faith systems to stand alongside all world religions in order to share Indigenous Traditional Spiritual Knowledge providing rich spiritual guidance to humanity throughout the world.

Program Theme

The theme of the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions is:

“The Promise of Inclusion, the Power of Love:

Pursuing Global Understanding, Reconciliation and Change.”

To complement the primary theme and to offer Indigenous Spiritual Knowledge to the Parliament, the Indigenous Working Group for the 2018 Parliament of World Religions has chosen as its theme:

The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity and Healing Our Mother Earth”

Daily Theme

We invite you offer a workshop, present a panel discussion, be a speaker or feature a presentation that will share your Indigenous knowledge and spiritual teachings.

Please know that if you are traveling from a distance, you may offer more than one workshop over the course of the 7-day program. There are music, dance, art, and performance opportunities for you to offer as well.

1. Nov. 1 - Opening Ceremonies

2. Nov. 2 - Creation, Migration and the Original Instructions for Relationships Within Creation

3. Nov. 3 - The Sacred Feminine

4. Nov. 4 -  Restoring Balance: Climate Change, Traditional Teachings and Prophecies, Emerging Economies

5. Nov. 5 - Reclaiming, Protecting, and Connecting with Sacred Sites and Repatriation of Sacred Properties

6. Nov. 6 - Next Generation Youth: Envisioning the Future

7. Nov. 7  – Closing Ceremonies

Features of the Indigenous Program at the Parliament of the World’s Religions Toronto 2018

Program Integrity

The Indigenous Program for the 2018 Parliament of the World Religions will ensure:

The Invocation of the Spirit – the 2018 Parliament of World Religions is much more than a convention attended by representatives of many faiths, but a reflection of Spiritual leadership representing connection to the land and creation. Invocations will be done through the respectful use of ceremony and traditional protocols.

The Sharing of Sacred Traditional Knowledge – The Indigenous program will focus on the sharing of sacred traditional knowledge with attendees and participants while ensuring the content and sacred knowledge is protected, culturally safe and free from misappropriation and misuse. Traditional teachings are welcome. Ceremonial protocols are available on request. Please do not offer ceremonies of peyote, ayahuasca or other psychotropic medicines of the southern tribal Nations.

Demonstrate and promote Indigenous values – the Indigenous program will honour the ceremonial protocols and Indigenous values systems of the Anishnabek Nation and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and also respects the value-systems of the many Indigenous Nations visiting our homelands.

Program Authenticity

To ensure authenticity of the Indigenous voices and in order to meet these goals and objectives, presentations, speakers, panels and features under the Indigenous program will be solicited from and lead by:

  • Recognized Elders and Traditional Knowledge Keepers of recognized Indigenous Nations
  • Recognized Representatives from Indigenous Traditional Societies
  • Recognized Representatives of Indigenous Nations and communities
  • Please provide details of your membership or Indigenous nationhood

Address Ceremonial Needs and Cultural Safety

As a presenter providing Indigenous spiritual leadership and traditional knowledge, you may have certain needs and requirements to ensure that your program content is protected and shared according to traditional protocols. Please let us know what those needs might be in the description of your program.

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre may be able to accommodate certain protocols, however, they may be limited by their policies, municipal bylaws and other limitations. In this case, ceremonial space, including a Sacred Fire and a traditional teaching lodge will be made available at the Fort York National Historic Site at the foot of Bathurst Street and additionally, at the south end of the Metro Convention Centre in Olympic Park where a Sacred Fire will burn for prayers and offerings throughout the week-long conference. Elders and Ceremonial Leaders from many Indigenous Nations will be teaching all week long. All are welcome at both sites.

Protection of Sacred Knowledge

There may also need to protect your sacred knowledge from misappropriation, misuse and other factors that may undermine cultural safety. Be assured that this is at the top of mind and is incredibly important to the Parliament of World Religions and the Indigenous Working Group. We will endeavour to ensure the proper respect and protective measures are considered to all those presenting and sharing traditional knowledge. Please let us know if photos or recordings are permitted.