Ambassador Duties & Guidelines


Want to become an Ambassador of the Parliament of the World's Religions? Learn about the duties, guidelines, code of ethics and respect associated with the program.


  • Support Parliament initiatives and similar -- e.g. non-PoWR or similar PoWR initiatives wherever possible, e.g. the Faiths Against Hate Initiative, the Women’s Taskforce, etc.

  • Participate in conference calls, online meetings and trainings for Ambassadors.

  • Participate in ongoing interfaith events in my community as an Ambassador of the Parliament.

  • Make every effort to attend the next Parliament.

    • Host at least one Pre-Parliament event in my community (See Pre-Parliament Event Page for more information)

    • Encourage registrations for the next Parliament

    • Encourage donations and support through volunteering, registration drives, and pre-Parliament events  for the next Parliament.

    • Encourage others to become Members of the Parliament by signing up for yearly membership dues.

  • Make every effort to participate in the Parliament’s World Interfaith Harmony Week Initiatives

    • Host at least one WIHW event in my community every year (See WIHW Page on the Parliament website for more information)

    • Submit my event to the WIHW website

    • Join the PoWR Partners Facebook group and serve as a resource for other PoWR Partners in my community.

  • Submit contact information to the PoWR of grants or organizations that provide financial support.

  • Submit stories to [email protected] about my activities, accomplishments, and latest developments.

  • Submit or encourage others to submit blog posts on the Parliament Website.

  • “Like” the Parliament on Facebook at

    • "Like” or “share” Parliament posts on Facebook

    • Encourage others to “like” us on Facebook and make comments.

  • Follow the Parliament across other social media platforms

  • Participate in the Ambassador’s Lounge Facebook page, following the posted guidelines

  • Write articles for the Parliament e-newsletter, and contact the Director of Communications to share my ideas ([email protected])


  • We promote the mission and values of the Parliament of the World’s Religions in bringing about a just, peaceful & sustainable world.

  • We raise awareness about the global inter-religious movement by mobilizing networks to come together on the issues affecting their communities, and the world  at large.

  • We build knowledge about and interest in each Parliament by hosting outreach events.

  • We are available to serve as needed before, during and after the Parliament.

  • We are a resource for the Parliament and communicate quickly when receiving information.

Code of Ethics

  • We build trust at all times.

  • We listen and speak with respect.

  • We act with integrity, honesty and compassion.

  • We respect the individual and his/her culture and faith.

  • We contribute to a climate of open and honest communication

Code of Respect

  • We hold Parliament business in confidence and do not publish non-public information without proper authorization.

  • We hold communications from other Ambassadors in confidence.

  • We support one another and refrain from gossip.

  • We address problems by talking to the person who can do something about it, rather than complain.

  • We respond to Ambassador emails within 48 hours, including accepting or declining our attendance at conference calls and online meetings.