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Faiths Against Hate fosters :

LISTENING and LEARNING sessions with local and international interfaith organizations to gauge new trends and discuss strategies to diminish hate within communities.

WEBINARS hosted by renowned faith leaders, sharing their knowledge on interfaith advocacy and public education while detailing effective strategies to inspire the work of Interfaith activists. A library of Faiths Against Hate webinars are available as teaching tools and can be accessed here.    

WORKSHOPS pairing Parliament interfaith experts with local advocacy groups. Faiths Against Hate: Days of Learning and Relationships delivers comprehensive, reality-driven training on hate crime, youth engagement and community building through new media outlets. Come Concerned, Leave Prepared.

AN ONLINE INTERFAITH COMMUNITY with more than 40,000 activists participating in Faiths Against Hate conversations on Parliament-run social media platforms. Calls to action, solidarity, critical news and reflections foster positive action and greater understanding of ourselves and our community.