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Our Agenda

The Next Generation agenda for the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions and beyond aims to serve as a pillar for diverse young changemakers around the world who are working or wish to work on tackling critical issues and promoting interfaith cooperation.

Our Task Force envisions the development of strong international networks led by informed and passionate young adults who carry on the mission of the Parliament during and in-between Parliament gatherings. Our agenda is two-fold:

  • To provide young adults with an unforgettable interfaith experience at the Toronto Parliament.

  • To provide young adults with training and skills to engage their communities and build networks.

The 2018 Agenda

  • Interfaith Programming - We aim to approve and develop interfaith programs from across the world that honor the mission of the Parliament and engage young adults for the 2018 Parliament.

  • Highlight Activism - We are working to highlight activism from grassroots movements across the world in which young adult leadership has been vital.

  • Training/Skill Building Workshops - By highlighting activism and activists, we are working to bring special training and workshops from individuals, groups, and communities actively working to create change.

  • Social/Networking Events - We will be hosting multiple social events to promote networking and network building.

  • Coalition Building - We are dedicated to the development of networks and coalitions that will work during and in-between Parliaments. Programs, trainings, and workshops are being planned to train attendees on how to build, engage, and sustain coalitions.

  • Post Parliament Action Plan - Our goal is 1,000! One thousand young adults who will help the Parliament developed a post-Parliament action plan that will utilize all the programming, skills, and networks attendees will build during the 2018 Parliament.