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The Climate Action Task Force of the Parliament of the World Religions is proud to announce that we are official signatories of the We Are Still In campaign.

Along with a diverse group of government leaders, institutions of higher learning, and companies, the Parliament voices concern with the president’s decision to withdraw from the agreement and pledges to continue the global effort to prevent irreversible climate damage and to pursue clean energy alternatives.

We invite our climate action supporters to voice their commitment to uphold the Paris Agreement by signing this petition.



The ratification of the Paris Agreement in November 2016 was an unprecedented display of international unity and dedication towards a common goal of climate preservation. This agreement called for 197 countries to make tangible commitments to reducing their carbon footprint and curbing emissions in order to prevent a two degree rise in temperature Celsius, the threshold which, once passed, could result in irreversible changes to earth’s climate. 

As stated in its commitments for 2017, the Climate Action Task Force of the Parliament of World Religions will continue supporting changes towards clean energy, persuading government actors to support climate-conscious policies, and encouraging communities and religious congregations in their efforts to protect the environment. As shown in several statements, the Climate Action Task Force has consistently advocated for decisive action on climate change, including immediate support for the Paris Agreement when it passed.

On June 1st 2017, President Donald Trump announced his plan to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. We, along with a diverse range of other religious leaders, faith organizations, and interfaith movements, are extremely disappointed with the President’s decision. A myriad of religious and spiritual communities have reached consensus regarding the realities of climate change and the need to advocate for concrete policy change and action despite the decisions of the U.S government:

Parliament of World Religions Response to Trump's Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement


ACT Alliance

This is a decision that is not morally sustainable – and not economically sustainable either.”

American Jewish World Service

“We stand proudly as Jews who cherish the Earth to object in the strongest terms to the President’s shortsighted and damaging decision”

American Sikh Council

“As a national religious body the American Sikh Council (ASC) takes a steadfast stand on protecting the environment as it enshrined in the fundamental principles of our holy scripture, the ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahibji’”

Buddhist Global Relief

“To make America great does not mean to abdicate our global responsibilities and close in upon ourselves, self-absorbed and suspicious of others. It means to become a nation great in wisdom, great in compassion, and great in moral leadership.”

Catholic Climate Covenant

“We will continue to raise our voices against climate policies that harm the planet and people while we will advocate for policies that respond to “both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor” (Laudato Si’ no. 49, emphasis in original). “

Catholic Relief Services

“People around the world – especially those who contribute least to global warming, will be worse off because of today’s decision.”

Christian Reformed Church Office of Social Justice

Despite this setback, we will continue to be faithful stewards of creation, hopeful voices for justice, and public examples in the effort to live sustainably with our God-given resources in the spirit of the Paris Agreement.”

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

Let all voices of conscience and faith now rise up, resist, and redouble our commitment to a clean and sustainable future”.

Church World Service

“To withdraw now that the warming of the earth is accelerating is folly.  We need more action to face climate change, not less. We need to act with urgency—not to retreat.”

Episcopal Church

“We know that caring for God's creation by engaging climate change is not only good for the environment, but also good for the health and welfare of our people.”

Evangelical Environmental Network

If President Trump’s foolish act has done anything it has clarified the moment we are in: it is time for each and every one of us to take a stand for climate action.”

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

The requirement for the United States to maintain its global leadership presence could not be more urgent. Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is contrary to our nation’s principled character.”

Faith in Place

“We urge President Trump and the current Administration to remember that climate change is indeed a moral issue.”

Franciscan Action Network

“The Paris Agreement represents the bare minimum of what is necessary to preserve a livable planet. We need more action, not less.”

Friends Committee on National Legislation

“We have a moral obligation to stand with vulnerable communities, and reverse the climate crisis that places a disproportionate burden on women and children, communities of color, low-income communities, and tribal nations both in the US and globally.”

Hindu America Foundation

“Unfortunately, starting to withdraw from the Paris Agreement represents a major step backwards not only for environmental protection, but the global leadership our country had developed on climate change and environmental issues.”

Indigenous Environmental Network

Backing out of this agreement continues a long history of broken promises and threatens the vital and sacred life cycles of Mother Earth.”

Interfaith Power and Light

“Abandoning the Paris Agreement is a sin.”

Islamic Society of North America

“As Muslims, we find this decision to be a failure to fulfill the responsibility to uphold the sacred trust given by our Creator to be the stewards upon this earth.”

Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns

“Through our witness, we recognize that our government has a moral responsibility, as one of the richest countries in the world and one of the largest historical contributors to climate change, to protect all life on earth and to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.”

National Council of Churches  

“We recommit ourselves to preserving and building upon this work, even as President Trump seeks to dismantle it.”

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

This is an abdication of responsibility to address global climate change and is both physically dangerous and morally reprehensible.”

Sisters of Mercy

This announcement is particularly disturbing coming just days after the president met with Pope Francis, who has called climate change “one of the principal challenges facing humanity today” and has lamented its disproportionate impact on people who are poor.” 

Tweet from H.H. The Dalai Lama

Protecting our environment is not a luxury we can choose to enjoy, but a simple matter of survival.”

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

“Today’s executive order reaffirms concerns that leadership on issues important to so many across the globe—climate change, economic justice, and human rights overall—can no longer come from the White House.”

United Church of Christ

People of faith can change America's understanding of the story by writing a new story – a story that is not dependent on fossil fuel."

United Methodist Church Council of Bishops

“By caring for God’s people and God’s planet, we offer ourselves as instruments of God’s renewing Spirit in the world calling for social and environmental holiness. We will do this by challenging those whose policies and practices neglect the poor, exploit the weak and harm the environment.”

U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops

“The Scriptures affirm the value of caring for creation and caring for each other in solidarity. The Paris agreement is an international accord that promotes these values.”

World Council of Churches

“As churches, we will continue to work even harder with movements, multi-faith groups and likeminded governments to build climate-resilient communities.”

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action

We will continue to take hopeful action to address climate change and to love our neighbors both here and around the world. As we do, we reject your disdain for the wellbeing of those suffering from the impacts of a changing climate. We bear witness to your moral failure, and we will not forget it.”


To submit your organization’s response to the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, please contact info@paliamentofreligions.org.