Salt Lake 2015: General Information

10,000 People. 80 Nations. 50 Faiths

2015 Parliament

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What: The 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions

When: October 15 - 19, 2015

Where: Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

The Parliament is the oldest, the largest, and the most inclusive gathering of people of all faith and traditions.

The first Parliament took place in 1893. Since, this historic event has taken place in Chicago, USA • Cape Town, South Africa • Barcelona, Spain • Melbourne, Australia - and now in Salt Lake City, Utah!

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Who Should Attend?

You should attend:

  • If you are concerned about war, terrorism, and hatred.
  • If you care for creation and are worried about climate change
  • If you are troubled by the widening wealth gap and wasteful consumption
  • If you care for religions and nations working together in harmony for the good of humanity

You will also find:

  • Trainings in dialogue, interfaith activism, fundraising, and organizing
  • World-class religious music, films, exhibits and performances
  • Shopping for ethnic, international, and religious books and goods

Your Opportunity to Share

You can submit your proposal for sharing how people of faith work together in your community, or concerning the issues of war and violence, climate change, and wealth disparity.

You are encouraged to share your faith, listen to others and ask questions in break-out sessions and circles.

Networking & Connections

The Parliament is a great networking opportunity! 60% of attendees are well-connected within the interfaith community.

Most people attend because of the extraordinary experience and relationships formed at the Parliament.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend the Parliament?

You can register for as low as $200 to attend if you qualify and buy now.

Pricing will go up to $550 if you register later. Early registrants gain access to discounts open to families, spouses, groups (like congregations, university classes, peace organizations), individuals, and children, too. The Parliament is committed to involving families and children in the Interfaith movement.

Limited needs-based scholarships are available for those who apply here.


The time to register Is now! Take advantage of our Student Discount!

There are a multitude of housing options ranging from campgrounds, to hostels, to world-class hotels.

Once you register, you gain access to Parliament hotel blocks at Parliament-only rates.

Note: 3,000 people were turned away at the door to the 1993 Parliament by fire marshals. So register early to avoid the hassle!

Food Concerns

There will be a food court offering a variety of food options - from vegan, to kosher, to halal - while numerous restaurants surround the convention center. And keep praying for a free langar!

Attend the 2015 Golden Banquet

At the heart of the Parliament will be an award gala. It will be hosted by those who make our world a better place by following the Golden Rule. It is intended to raise funds for the future of the interfaith movement, which struggles in the absence of funding. You can purchase tickets for the Golden Banquet at registration.

If you are unable to attend please make a gift through our secure, tax-deductible gifts page here.

Salt Lake & National Parks of Utah are Waiting for You

Lakeside beauty, small town hospitality, and a global outlook are just some of the charms of Salt Lake. Home to a bustling interfaith community, the diversity of Salt Lake City is heard in over 100 languages spoken within the community.

A stunning Rocky Mountain skyline is only one of its natural attractions. With a commitment to green space and ultra-convenient public transit, 2015 Parliament participants will discover a city truly worth its salt.

Advertise, Sponsor, or Host an Exhibition at the Parliament

A full sponsorship informational package is now available at

Host a Pre-Parliament Event

Parliament Ambassadors and interested organizations host Pre-Parliament events to share the opportunity to attend a Parliament within their communities, bringing critical relationships to the Parliament from interfaith action at the grassroots level.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Sponsor a Student

These gifts will help pass the torch of the interfaith movement to a vibrant generation of emerging voices. You can offer these gifts at registration. If you are unable to attend the 2015 Parliament but would like to make a gift, we thank you to visit our secure, tax-deductible gifts page here.

Whereas students are leading the charge in the interfait community, they are often working within limited budgets (not to mention student loans!), thus their participation is constrained. For that reason, we have reduced student registration to $150 for early registrats. At the same time, we encourage you to help offset that cost by donating for our student fund. Some attendees will require scholarships.

Have Questions?

Email us at: [email protected]

Tweet us: @InterfaithWorld and tell us why you’re attending the #2015PARLIAMENT