Three Critical Issues, Three Critical Constituencies

Over 800 programs and eight major plenary sessions openly confronted the systemic and human-caused challenges of our time. People of faith chose to stand up together in the face of intensifying consequences of climate change, bigotry and hatred, rampant violence, preventable wars, abuses of human rights, and unchecked income inequality. A spotlight on emerging leadership and the reparation and preservation of the rights, hopes and beliefs of diverse indigenous peoples would receive equal footing at the 6th global Parliament. In an overdue move toward gender equity in the interfaith movement, women spoke first, holding a full-day Inaugural Women’s Assembly on the opening day.

The Parliament galvanized followers of over 50 global faiths (and practitioners from hundreds of denominations and spiritual pathways) into action—action bolstered by healing and transformative experiences, and informed by inclusivity and mutual respect. To be in such a diverse and inclusive space was euphoric and wondrous. Parliament guests took home new relationships, a commitment to take action on the critical issues, and a renewed faith in the power of their collective actions.

So let’s go back to the start of this story, October 15th, 2015. For five days, the indigenous peoples of the Great Salt Lake region welcomed the people of the world into their sacred home with hospitality and joy.

View a full list of Parliament presenters here.

  • There in Utah, this monumental assembly of spiritual, religious, and conscientious global citizens worked together toward a world of compassion, marked with peace, justice and sustainability.