Women's Initiatives & Programs

Look for these Women's Initiatives and Programs at the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions.

Encouraging Women's Religious and Spiritual Leadership 

Join the Parliament's Women's Task Force for an in-depth look at the 1,000 Women in Religion Project, and Women's religious leadership networking and mentoring sessions during the 2018 Parliament.

Featuring Women's Rituals and Arts - Women's Sacred Space and Spirit Soaring Art Gallery

Presenting a gallery of sacred art by women, and in it, host a program where those artists and others can share about the ways their spirituality shows itself through their work. Visual artists who would like to share a small two-dimensional piece may write to spiritsoaring@parliamentofreligions.org for information.

Exploring Divine Feminine and Feminine Divine Expressions

Have you ever walked beside a stream and heard it whisper? In your prayers and meditations, or in these wild places was the voice that spoke to you female?  We want to hear your stories! Acknowledging and celebrating feminine expressions of the divine or sacred have been prominent from the very first Parliament in 1893 when Swami Vivekananda honored the Hindu Goddess Sarasvati before delivering his electrifying speech that launched the interfaith movement in the West. The 2018 Parliament is launching an historic project to document participant’s personal experiences and encounters where the sacred is experienced as female or feminine. For some, names such as Divine Feminine, the Goddess, (a particular) Goddess, Sacred Feminine, Great Mother, etc. are used. For others, it is not a particular name or title, but rather a spiritual experience or interaction best described as specifically feminine in nature. How participants identify, explain, and make sense of these experiences are varied as the terms and descriptors they use and we are interested in all of it! If you would like to participate in this historic gathering of stories, please join us in this interactive workshop and email us at divinefemininestories@parliamentofreligions.org

Advancing Women's Dignity and Equality in Society

At the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions, the Parliament's Women's Task Force will introduce the International Declaration Against Gender-based Violence, the Dignity of Women Interfaith Wisdom poster, and the Dignity of Women Wikipedia project. Interested in contributing the poster and Wikipedia project? Visit the Dignity of Women Interfaith Wisdom poster and the Dignity of Women Wikipedia project pages today!

Acknowledging Those Who Came Before Us

The Inaugural Women’s Assembly Major Speakers Legacy Session, hosted by 2015 Women’s Task Force Chair Phyllis Curott, is a celebration of the Inaugural Assembly and a roundtable conversation with major speakers from the 2015 Assembly. We will measure women’s challenges and progress since 2015, reflect on new goals, and celebrate our powerful bonds of camaraderie with one another.

2018 PWTF Keynotes
Featured Speakers at the Legacy Session