: International Declaration by Religious and Spiritual Leaders to End Sexual Violence | parliamentofreligions.org

International Declaration by Religious and Spiritual Leaders and Advocates to End Sexual Violence

We proclaim with one voice as spiritual and religious leaders and advocates
that violence exists in all communities, including our own, and 
is morally
, spiritually and universally intolerable.

We understand that sexual violence is rooted in inequality and the vulnerability of powerlessness.

We acknowledge that our sacred texts, traditions and values have too often been 
misused to perpetuate and condone abuse.

We commit ourselves to working toward the day when all people
will be safe and abuse will be no more.

We draw upon our healing texts and practices to help 
make our families and societies whole.

Our religious and spiritual traditions compel us to work for justice and the eradication of 
violence against all people, especially the most vulnerable.

We call upon people of all religious and spiritual traditions to join us.

The 2018 Parliament Women’s Task Force in partnership with the FaithTrust Institute invites you to endorse this declaration to end sexual violence. Add your voice to our religious and spiritual world community!