The Lodge of Nations

Ginoondawaan / Kanonhseshne

The Lodge of Nations will be a unique and special place at the 2018 Parliament of the World Religions. Housed inside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and close to the Sacred Fire, it will be a home for the Spirit; a place to share sacred Indigenous knowledge, traditional teachings and ceremonies of many Indigenous Nations.  

The Lodge will be an important gathering place for Indigenous Youth to take their places alongside Elders of many Nations so that the cultural transmission of the sacred duties, teachings and sacred laws can occur. 

A formal global network will be developed from this interaction that will connect youth to Elders, inspiring the vision of a new humanity living in alignment with Natural Laws and Spiritual Laws that are universal to all Nations of the human family. This is the legacy gift of the Indigenous Nations attending the Parliament so that much work can be done between meetings of the Parliament every three years and reports of progress made at the next gathering of the Parliament in 2021.

The Lodge of Nations is a beautiful and important Indigenous sacred space that will be the centrepiece to the Parliament of the World Religions Indigenous programme.  The Lodge will be the home away from home to many Indigenous traditional leaders and Faith Keepers who carry the sacred knowledge from the many indigenous spiritual ways from around the world.

This sacred space will feature morning ceremonies, tobacco offerings, pipe ceremonies and feasts from various Indigenous traditional societies.  It will also be the centre place for the Water Ceremonies that will be conducted by indigenous women.  It is the sacred responsibility for Indigenous women to lift up, protect and speak for the pure and clean water.

The Lodge of Nations is a safe place and looked after by Indigenous knowledge keepers.  It will be a place where sacred items and bundles will be kept safe.  As such, reverence of the sacred space and respect of certain traditional protocols must be adhered to at all times.  There will be no photography or recording of any activities in the Lodge.

The Lodge structure itself is designed to be an intermingling of designs of the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations) people and the Anishinaabe people, two of the host Nations for the Toronto Parliament of the World Religions.