Myriam Renaud

Principal Investigator and Project Director - Global Ethic Project

Myriam Renaud discovered Hans Küng’s book, A Global Ethic, by happenstance and has been a fierce advocate ever since. Currently working on a Ph.D. in Religious Thought and Ethics at the University of Chicago Divinity School, she is also a member of Claremont Lincoln University’s Teaching Faculty - Interfaith Action Master’s Program, and a former Managing Editor of Sightings. Her research focuses on God and the moral life, and religion in public life. She has published articles in scholarly journals like Zygon, and the Anglican Theological Review as well as in popular media like Sightings, and The Atlantic online.

Myriam Renaud provided a brief introduction to the Global Ethic as part of the "Grappling with the Global Ethic: Multi-Religious Perspectives on Global Issues Conference".