Rosalyn La Pier

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Montana
[email protected]

Rosalyn LaPier presented "Protest as Pilgrimage: From Idle No More to Standing Rock" as part of the Parliament of the World's Religions "Grappling with the Global Ethic: Multi-Religious Perspectives on Global Issues Conference". Watch Below!

Rosalyn is an award-winning Indigenous writer and ethnobotanist with a BA in physics and a PhD in environmental history. Dr. LaPier studies the intersection of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) learned from elders and the academic study of environmental and religious history. As a longtime activist, her passions include environmental justice on Indigenous lands and the revitalization of Indigenous languages. This year, as a National Steering Committee member, she was one of the organizers of the March for Science, the largest day of science advocacy in history, with over one million participants in 600 cities worldwide. She is working on her third book "Plants That Purify: The Natural and Supernatural History of Smudging." Dr. LaPier is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe of Montana and Métis.