Spiritual Playdate

Spiritual Playdate...the Playdate with a Purpose!​
A new, inclusive interfaith method to share, teach, learn, and explore spirituality with children.

Spiritual Playdate is a lightly structured, regularly committed time to talk about god, common principles, and traditions. With our method, you can discover long-held belief systems and traditions of varying faiths, while opening your mind to new ideas and possibilities at the same time.

Individuals - Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, & Mentors; this membership is for you to use at home with kids & friends. Sign up free as a Basic Member or select our Premium Membership for full access.

Organizations - Teachers, Youth Directors,​ Librarians, & Therapists; our Affiliate Membership gives you full program access plus we partner with you to support your work & promote your program.

Volunteers - ​Join our fun and vibrant team as a volunteer or intern and help us to produce content, games, & resources that will serve to open hearts and minds.

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