About Hans Küng: 

Hans Küng is a Swiss Roman Catholic priest, theologian, and author. He was born in Switzerland in 1928 and ordained a priest in 1954. He was appointed an expert theological advisor to the Second Vatican Council in 1962. In the late 1960s, Küng became the first notable Roman Catholic theologian to reject the doctrine of papal infallibility; as a result, he was stripped of his license to teach Catholic theology in 1979. However, he was not excommunicated and remains a priest in good standing; Küng remains critical of various practices of the Catholic Church. He argues that peace among religions is the key to peace among peoples, and his "Toward a Global Ethic: An Initial Declaration" has been a major contribution to interreligious dialogue, being the paramount document for the 1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions and a cornerstone of the UN’s Dialogue Among Civilizations.