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Spaces become sacred through the value they hold for people and their communities. Sharing this value can reduce social tension and cultural misunderstanding while building bridges of trust.

"If interreligious dialogue is to bear fruit--the fruit of mutual understanding, respect, and peace--it needs to be rooted in the specific spiritual space or milieu of each religious tradition. If we are willing to enter into and even dwell for a time in another spiritual space, we will be able to return to the space we call home, enriched by the gifts we have received and prepared to live in peace with those who dwell in a spiritual space that is very different from our own."

– Benoit Standaert, Benedictine monk at St. Andrew's Abbey in Bruges, Belgium

For a religious/spiritual community, their sacred space:

*is a reflection of their religious or spiritual identity.
*is a focal point for community life.
*presents an opportunity to promote positive community relations.

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