Rev. Angie Buchanan

Reverend Angie Buchanan is the Founder and Spiritual Director of Earth Traditions, a Pagan church, and of Gaia's Womb, an interfaith spirituality group that has been producing retreats for women since 1998. With an education in Religious Studies, Angie was first ordained as a minister in 2001. She is an activist for religious freedom, a spiritual counselor, and a rites of passage celebrant, also currently serving as the Spiritual Advisor for Pagan students at the University of Chicago. She has developed a training program in Death Midwifery that provides hands-on, intensive classes for inclusive, compassionate end-of-life care, grief work, and family directed ecologically sensitive funerals. She served on the Board of Trustees for the Parliament of World Religions from 2002 – 2010, and is active emerita.

Join Rev. Angie Buchanan at the 2021 Parliament

08 Days
00 Hours
43 Minutes
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