South Asia Symposium

South Asia at the #2021PoWR

In 1893, men travelled from around the world to Chicago, to herald a new era of interfaith harmony, dialogue and action. 128 years later, the Parliament is coming to houses of worship and homes around the world, seeking to herald a new era of solidarity amongst all human beings.

This October, the Parliament will host the South Asian Symposium dedicated to our members and friends of South Asian origin - the Indian subcontinent - a home to all religions, faiths, beliefs and values.  Starting at 8 AM IST on October 17, 2021, please join us as part of the 2021 Parliament of the World’s Religions in communal dialogue on the pains and sufferings of the modern world, the compassion and hope that humanity has, and the countless hours of action to make this ONLY world of ours a better place for us all.

South Asian voices are joining the world’s premier Interfaith Convening of civic, spiritual, and grassroots changemakers virtually this October!

Regional Symposium are available at no additional cost to all registrants of the 2021 Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Symposium Agenda

9:30 PM8:00 AM Opening Prayers
10:15 PM8:45 AMSouth Asian Cultural Interlude I
10:30 PM9:00 AMComing Together to Alleviate the Suffering of People and the Planet
11:15 PM9:45 AMSouth Asian Cultural Interlude II
11:30 PM10:00 AMAn Empathetic Worldview to Global Peace and Harmony
12:15 PM10:45 AMSouth Asian Cultural Interlude III
12:30 PM11:00 AMOne Ounce of Action is Better Than Tons of Talk
1:15 AM11:45 AMSouth Asian Cultural Interlude IV
1:30 AM12:00 PMSouth Asia Regional Symposium - Closing Prayers