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Rev. Masanori Takeuchi

Rev. Masanori Takeuchi was born to parents who were ardent believers of Konkokyo on January 25, 1948. The Konkokyo was founded in 1859, by an ordinary farmer, Bunjiro Kawate in Japan whose sincerity and devotion allowed him to gain the trust of the Divine parent of the Universe, Tenchi Kane No Kami. Through his teachings, people came to understand Kami & the Ways of the Universe. And by living in harmony with the Universe, they learned to save themselves from hardships and to live their fulfilled lives with Kami.

In 1975, Rev. Takeuchi became a trainee at KC Airaku and entered the Konko Seminary school that year. The next year he was ordained as a Konko minister. His family moved to the USA on 1994 to establish a church.

Rev. Takeuchi became an associate minister of KC Portland and moved to Chicago in July 1997, establishing the Konko Propagation Hall of Chicago on July 30 of that year.

The Konko Church of Chicago was established on April 9, 2009, where Rev. Takeuchi has served as Head Minister since.

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