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Arham Dhyan Yog

Arham Dhyan Yog is inspired from the ancient Jain Shraman Heritage and with the blessings of Sant Shiromani Acharya Shri 108 Vidyasagar ji Maharaj by his disciple Arham Shri Muni 108 Pranamyasagar ji Maharaj reintroduced this for the benefit of mankind. It not only brings in inner peace but also rejuvenates body and mind thus leading to global peace. It prescribes a minimalistic and simple way of life that is transformative and provides toolkits to deal with life challenges (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) by dipping into ancient Jain teachings. Its focus on using very simple five postures and introducing one to oneself (him/herself) is unique and leads one to transformation by meditation, to unleash the power of the soul.