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SHARE International

WE ARE MOVING into a period of climax, leading to events which will fundamentally alter life as we know it. 

Tremendous changes are taking place in all departments of life, preparatory to the establishment of entirely new modes of social living and relationship, based on sharing and co-operation.

To some people, this portends the Second Coming of the Christ.

To others it is the realization that only through a profound inner change and readiness for a new direction in our political, economic and social life can humanity survive.

Is it not possible that both of these approaches are correct?

There is a growing awareness that a new spiritual age is dawning, under the guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom.

They are men who have gone ahead of us in evolution; Who have perfected Themselves; Whose energies and ideas have been the stimulating factors behind our evolution; and Who are beginning to emerge from Their ancient retreats to guide us into the Aquarian Age.

They do not come alone.

Under cyclic law, and in response to humanity’s need, They are returning to outer work in the world with Their Head and Leader, The World Teacher, the One we in the West call the Christ.