2018 Parliament Awards | parliamentofreligions.org

In September 2018, the Parliament of the World’s Religions opened applications for the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions Awards that would be presented as part of the programming at the 2018 Parliament in Toronto.

Hundreds of applications were received for six Parliament awards:

  • The Paul Carus Award
  • The Global Ethic Award
  • The Ahimsa Award
  • The Interfaith Engagement with the World Award
  • The Justice Award
  • The Ecological Flourishing Award

The Parliament gathered award committees for each award and members were tasked with selecting the winner or winners that best embodied the award.

After an extensive review process, the review committees selected eight winners for the six awards. The Paul Carus Award was shared by three winners. Among the winners are internationally recognized activists and faith leaders.

2018 Parliament Awards