Anti-Racism |

The Parliament of the World's Religions is committed to the eradication of racism at all structural, systemic, systematic, and institutional levels. Our organization and our movement understand that we live with its legacy daily in a myriad of forms, seen and unseen. We soberly own up to the fact that our religious communities have been complicit for far too long.

We have upheld in far too many ways the false tenets that enable racism to continue in our society. Long after protests have quelled and headlines shifted, we must continue praying with our feet and hands and working together to resolve the insidious impacts of the ugly legacy of slavery, the blight of racism, and the multiple forms of discrimination in our communities. We must do better at addressing our roles in perpetuating injustices. We will continue to point towards the deep wellsprings that our respective faiths can offer in fostering hope, justice, and reconciliation.