Critical IssuesPoverty

Practical Spirituality

Ms. Audrey Kitagawa


The Power of Om - Transformation of Consciousness

Ms. Audrey Kitagawa

Previous Parliaments2009 Parliament - Melbourne

Parliament of World Religions Offers Hope for Peace and Sustainability on Mother Earth

Rev. Angie Buchanan

Indigenous Peoples

AIM: Make Peace with the Spirits

Mr. Doug George-Kanentiio

Interfaith Dialogue

Peace Through Dialogue 2007 - Peace Through Performing Arts

Mr. Naresh Jain


Spirituality in the Context of Universal Values - The Critical Importance of Silence as the Ground for Peaceful Dialog, Nonviolent Action and the Ability to Pursue Truth

Rev. Ellen Grace O'Brian

Interfaith Dialogue

Peace Through Dialogue 2007 - The Role Of Jainism In Interfaith Dialogue

Dr. Hema Pokharna


A Call for Shia Sunni Dialogue - Why and How

Imam Malik Mujahid

Interfaith Movement

25th Assisi World Day Of Prayer For Peace: Joys, Blessings And Hopes

Dr. Tarunjit Singh Butalia

Interfaith Relations

Who Will You Make Peace With?

Dr. Tarunjit Singh Butalia