Arzoo Zaheer

Hello Jean, I would love to meet with you. I just sent you a message from my email [email protected]. Regards!

I am a woman who believes in herself and who likes managing daily struggles offered by her society. I am an immigrant to Canada and I am a colored woman; so obviously, I face more challenges than the rest. I have multiple interests because my IQ is built this way. I am a Technical Writer, a Marketing Writer, and an Event Planner by profession. During my spare time, I act as a creative writer, a poet, and a Spoken Words performer. I am also a telepath; I believe that telepathic ability was passed to me by my ancestors. I receive lots of lucid dreams that later come true; and, this is how I ended up solving a local crime case. I have just finished writing my first book, "Intertwined", which will have lots of prose that is created through Lucid Dreams. Lucid Dreams are my most precious aspect because I know that only exceptional people receive these kinds of dreams; and, thus experience dimensions other than the ones we live in while we are awake. I love connecting with intelligent and nice people. I am looking forward to attending the Parliament of Religions.

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