2015 Parliament Plenary on Faith In Women • Dignity with Human Rights

Women's Task Force

The "Faith In Women" plenary was presented at the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions as part of the Inaugural Women's Assembly and Program Initiative for Global Advancement of Women.

This plenary brings together diverse female religious leaders to address the vital nexus of women and religion. These leaders shared their collective wisdom for the empowerment of all, in addition to celebrating achievements within the interfaith movement.

Presenters: Dr. Vandana Shiva, Marianne Williamson, Mother Maya Tiwari, Dr. Serene Jones, Valarie Kaur, Mara Lynn Keller, Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Bishop Barbara King, Grandmother Mary Lyons, Sheika Anse Tamara Gray, Audrey Kitagawa, Sara Rahim, Rabby Amy Eilberg, Kate Jo Welch, SHEROES, Phyllis Curott, Janaan Hashim, Crystal Silva-Mccormick