Building Back Better Through A Culture Of Peace |

Building Back Better Through A Culture Of Peace

Green Hope Foundation, Audrey Kitagawa, Kehkashan Basu, Lassina Zerbo, Mila Popovich, Thomas Graham Jr, Rt. Rev. William E. Swing, Velma Šarić

The suffering caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is of epic proportions, affecting all countries with disproportionately severe impacts on the infirm, the marginalized, and the vulnerable. It has brought to the fore the frailty of our social systems and the gross inadequacy of our infrastructure and response mechanisms. As the world recovers slowly from the throes of this pandemic, now more than ever before, we feel the overarching need for adopting a culture of peace. 

To mark this year's International Day of Peace, join the Green Hope Foundation and distinguished panelists in this e-discussion on how to build back better through a culture of peace by ensuring comprehensive educational, cultural, social, and civic action, in which each person has something to learn and something to give and share.


Ms. Audrey E. Kitagawa, JD: Chair, Parliament of the World’s Religions
Dr. Lassina Zerbo: Executive Secretary, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization
Dr. Mila Popovich: Head of Research & Development, Global Leadership in the 21st Century by UNOG & WAAS
Ambassador Thomas Graham, Jr.: Former Special Representative for President Clinton for Arms Control, Non-Proliferation & Disarmament
The Rt. Rev. William E. Swing: President & Founding Trustee, United Religions Initiative
Ms. Velma Šarić: Founder & President, Post-Conflict Research Centre
Moderated by: Kehkashan Basu, Founder President - Green Hope Foundation