Global Conversations Webinar - December 5, 2019 |

Global Conversations Webinar - December 5, 2019


On December 5th we brought together faith climate leaders from around the world for the first installment in a series of Global Conversations. Here are just a few of the things we learned through this experimental dialogue.


Amber Burgin, Baptist Tradition: "One of my favorite professors once said 'stewardship of the Earth is a symphony' And if there's a piece missing then the symphony is off. What a beautiful thing it is to do the work of stewardship together from an interfaith perspective as if we were an orchestra."


Rabbi Yonatan Neril, Jewish Tradition: "I'm encouraged by the power of religion as the largest NGO in the world with 85% of people identifying with religion. And it is really the only force in the world that can stand up to consumer society, which is probably the strongest force in many ways."


Alexandra Goossens-Ishii, Buddhist Tradition: "Reflecting on our teachings and how we share them is so important because we can change systems but ultimately if the heart never changes we will go back in circles. I really agree with Rabbi Neril about religion being probably the strongest force to counter greed and attachment."


Sevim Kalyoncu, Muslim Tradition: "One thing each and every one of us said was that our religions teach that this Earth is a book of God, that the signs of God are in it, and that we can learn our faith perspectives by studying nature."

Gauranga Das, Hare Krishna Tradition: "In Govardhan EcoVillage we try to create a zero waste community. We teach that acting in a cyclical way with waste can create economic value. And in the Vedic tradition we teach that Earth is considered to be Mother. These two teachings, when they are clear in the mind of a youth, he is automatically driven to follow them."


Stay tuned for more Global Conversations starting in early 2020! 

We strive for inclusivity and will include representatives from as many geographies and traditions as possible.