The Heart of Faith: The Parliament of the World's Religions

The global interfaith community brings the heart of faith to life at the Parliament of the World's Religions, the oldest, largest, and most inclusive interfaith event known as the mother of the interfaith movement. By bringing together thousands of people of over 80 nations, 50 faith traditions, from the centers of mosques, gurdwaras, cathedrals and synagogues to sharing a global event, participants celebrate the beauty of faith, get to know, understand and appreciate the gifts of others, and commit together strong in each tradition to face the world's critical challenges in harmony. 


I believe that dialogue among people of different religions and cultures is the path to lasting peace and social cohesion.

We the Muslims around the world and our Faith Islam are being projected and portrayed as the source of extremism, militancy and terrorism. Though it is absolutely wrong to believe but somehow the perception has gone that way. In such a scenario we are left with the following option:
• Subscribe to the conspiracy theory, take the escapist option, get into blame game and allow the status quo to maintain.
• Accept the challenge, go in self introspection and take necessary corrective measures.
We have taken the second option