How to Win the Compassion Games With Jon Ramer

This September 11 through 21st (International Day of Peace), communities and cities are competing together again for 10 days of "Coop-etition" through the 2nd annual Compassion Games.

Compassion Games Director Jon Ramer joins CPWR on this webinar special to the Parliament of the World's Religions to introduce interfaith leaders to this year's challenge through the principles of the Charter for Compassion. As cities vie to become "Compassionate Cities," everyone wins. 

The Compassion Games is in a process of attracting "first followers," described by Job Ramer. Tips included cover the scoring process, how to receive points for kind actions on the worldwide compassion map through planned projects or secret missions, and why "Coop-etition" is a proven strategy to reach a tipping point when creating movements. Many will discover that projects already ongoing may jumpstart their score, and what collective impact from the Interfaith community can do to transform cities and their government leaders by joining the games.