We Say Yes to a Global Ethic


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Almost a century before the word "global village" was introduced in 1962, the Parliament literally invented the gift of interfaith for our world. It was also advanced when the most significant leaders of the time signed the Declaration Toward a Global Ethic at the 1993 Parliament. For the first time in history, representatives of all of the world's religions agree on the shared ethics that are grounded in their own faiths and traditions: 

The principle of shared humanity, the Golden Rule of reciprocity, and a commitment to peace and justice. 

The interfaith movement brings out the best of everyone's faith. Religious communities working with each other for the common good have the potential to change the world. With that intention in mind, the Parliament of the World's Religions is once again renewing its call "Towards a Global Ethic." A declaration in words must be regularly reaffirmed for it to become part of the struggle to change the world for the better.