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2018 Parliament Registration

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Welcome to the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions!


  Full Pass Weekend Pass (FRI - SAT -SUN) One Day Pass
Adult Individual Group of 5-9 Group of 10+ $220 USD $110 USD
$495 USD $460 USD $445 USD
Student w/ ID $195 USD $110 USD $50 USD
Children (Ages 6 - 12) $100 USD $50 USD $20 USD
Children (5 and Under) $5 USD $5 USD $5 USD


$100 USD for Family Weekend Pass Promotion* See details below

  • All participants including children must be registered seperately.
  • Group Rates: Call Emma at 312-971-8153 to purchase group registration for 5+ people. Group rates must be paid with one payment. Once a group of registrations is purchased, each group member will have to complete their registration using a code given to them by the primary registrant who will receive it after he or she purchases the group's registrations.  All ages can participate in a group rate; however, the rate will remain the same for each person. All group members must register within 30 days of the primary registration, or by the date given to the primary registrant in an email. 
  • *Weekend Family Pass: Gain access to the Interfaith Family Festival and the entire Parliament for the weekened by purchasing a Weekend Family Pass which includes you +1 adult and up to three children. Within 3 days of purchase of this pass, you will receive an email with a link for you to register the other members of your family for free. You must register the other members of your family within 30 days or your registration will be canceled. **Registering at least one child is a requirement for the Family Weekend Pass. The Family Weekend Pass promotion is intended to engage children, as the next generation, with interfaith dialogue. If you are not attending the Parliament with children 12 or younger, you are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Students are high school and up. They must prove they are students by uploading a scan of their current student ID.  Students must be registered individually.
  • 2018 Parliament Banquet: The 125th Anniversary Dinner at the Parliament:  $200. Join us in celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the first Parliament of the World's Religions in 1893 and the launch of the modern Interfaith movement. Buy a seat HERE. Organize or join a table of 8 ($100 discount for tables of 8). Ask friends, old and new, from your faith group, city, country or interest group to buy a ticket and sit at your table. Or email us if you'd like to join a table that we are organizing. If you are buying a ticket from Canada, you can pay $200 CAD for your ticket. Guests who purchase only a dinner ticket and are not registered for the Parliament may stay for the evening plenary on the theme of Reconciliation.
  • Please consider contributing $10 or more to subsidize registration and scholarships for those who otherwise might be unable to participate.
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