WIHW Promotional Opportunities

Promotion Opportunities at the Parliament

The Parliament is committed to helping organizers hosting Parliament-affiliated World Interfaith Harmony Week events. Organizers who submit their event as a World Interfaith Harmony Week event with the Parliament will have the option of having their events promoted by our Staff on Facebook, where the Parliament will serve as an event co-host, and on our website, through a blog post.

Organizing an event is only the first step in hosting a successful World Interfaith Harmony Week event. Organizers need to strategize on how the attendees at the event are as diverse as the programming. Our team has identified a variety of resources for organizers to help in their promotion efforts.

Marketing Ideas
  • Develop a brief description of your World Interfaith Harmony Week event - including the overall purpose and logistical information - for use in networking, publicity and promotional materials.

  • Find ways to tap into existing networks of communities and organizations to promote the event through presentations, distribution of printed material, email, websites, and social media.

  • Use free publicity to promote the event in the wider community, such as listings in local newspapers and journals, and community service announcements on television, radio, and websites.

  • Create a press release for advance and on-site coverage of the event by the local media. Be sure to designate an official spokesperson for media. Look online for some great resources for media planning, a good starting guide is Marketing MO’s Traditional Media Examples.

Promotion Ideas

Facebook Events - Facebook is a great promotion tool for an event. Create an event page and be sure to include a catchy title, image and description for your event. Be sure to add @ParliamentOfReligions as a co-host for your event. If you have any partners or co-host be sure to add them as well to access their networks. Not sure how to create a Facebook Event? Watch the PoWR Video Resource

Eventbrite Events - Eventbrite is another great promotion tool, one that allows your event to be shared to individuals outside your network. Be sure to mark if your event is free or has a fee. Not sure how to create an Eventbrite Event? Watch the PoWR Video Resource

Local Faith Spaces - If social media or event hosting websites are not an option for you, connecting with local faith communities to do in-person announcements or post flyers on their boards is another great way to promote your World Interfaith Harmony Week event.

We encourage you to promote your event as safely and respectfully as possible. Remember that both Facebook and Eventbrite are public networks and a public event might attract individuals who have no experience with interfaith work and might not be open to interfaith cooperation.

Sample Social Media Post

Be sure to take advantage of your social media following and popular hashtags to promote your event. Popular hashtags include #interfaith, #WorldInterfaithHarmonyWeek and #WIHW, we encourage you to use #InterfaithPoWR to help the Parliament team engage with you on social media. 

Find the Parliament on Social Media on:

Instagram: @interfaithworld

Facebook: @ParliamentOfReligions

Twitter: @InterfaithWorld