Yacop Cohen

Yacop Cohen is the founder of the Samaritan Legend Association that facilitates workshops and lectures around the world to teach about the Samaritan community and use it as an example of coexistence and peace. Cohen is the speaker on behalf of his father, the high priest of the Samaritan community and is considered a representative of the community outside the country. He founded the Samaritan Youth Club and was featured in Forbes Magazine as the manager of Har Bracha Tahini.

The archival transcription of Parliament keynotes is digitized with support from the Membership program.

This is a message from the ancient Samaritan community from the Holy Land. I hope that the peace will be all over the world by this prayer. This prayer by the ancient language in the world, the Samaritan language.

I have put peace on the earth, and you have dwelled without fear. In the name of God I call so give the greatness to our God the omnipotent, the great. His fairness and justice are like no other.

God is almighty and there is nothing like him. God responds to all of his lovers. God is merciful and gracious, good maker for all…(prayer continues)

My strength and I am his slave, this is my God and I will glorify him. The God of my father and I will exalt for him…(prayer continues)