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As the Field Changes, Explore New Ways to “Shop for Good” in Support of the Parliament

February 23, 2023

Nonprofit organizations like the Parliament of the World’s Religions depend on a diverse portfolio of revenue sources. One of these sources has been a growing emphasis on the field “shop for good”,  where businesses offer shoppers the opportunity to donate funds from their purchases and online activity.

One of the largest businesses offering this service, Amazon, ended its AmazonSmile donation program effective February 20, 2023. The AmazonSmile program allowed shoppers to designate a charity to receive donations from Amazon for each of the shoppers’ purchases. The program has been a beneficial addition to organizations’ sources of revenue because it allows supporters to indirectly support the organization. With the end of the program, organizations like PoWR will be losing this revenue source.

PoWR supporters can still “shop for good” through donation programs at, PayPal, eBay, and RoundUp App. makes donations on behalf of shoppers for using coupons, while PayPal and eBay give shoppers the option to add a donation to their charity of choice when making a purchase. The RoundUp App allows users to round up the change from purchases through a credit card to donate the spare change to PoWR.

Learn more about Shop for Good options at

Learn more about the RoundUp App at

What are other ways to support PoWR’s work?

Supporters can donate directly to PoWR by becoming a Member or making one-time donations. Explore all the ways to support PoWR’s work at