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Take Advantage of the Extended Call for Programs

June 17, 2021

Each Parliament of the World’s Religions, since the first hosted in 1893, has been a life-changing experience for participants. The full program of the Parliament which is made up of four critical components, and is shaped by the proposals that emerge from our community, is a vital part of this experience.

Panels, Lectures, Workshops or Oral Presentations

The first critical component of the broad programming of the Parliament Convenings are the panels, lectures, workshops, training, and oral presentations of faith leaders, scholars, activists, and laypeople from around the world. Individuals and communities dedicated to interreligious understanding, justice and sustainability, ethics, compassion, and peace are invited to submit proposals.

Art, Performances, Music and Films

The second critical component of any Parliament Convening are the cultural and religious art showcases, musical and dance performances, and films. Providing additional opportunities for inspiration, reflection and understanding. Share your talent with the global interfaith movement, propose an art showcase, read poetry, prepare a performance. With continuous programming throughout the two days of the 2021 Parliament, the possibilities for sharing are endless.

Religious or Spiritual Observances

The third critical aspect of any Parliament Convening is the incredible privilege to share and join in the incredibly diverse religious and spiritual observances that make up the world’s spiritual and religious traditions. Want to pre-record an important observance from your tradition and community to share with the Parliament? Inserted in leading meditation or hosting a sacred fire? Be sure to propose an observance.

A Global Convening

The fourth and perhaps most important aspect of the Parliament program is YOU. Each individual attendee of the Parliament of the World’s Religions brings with them the passion, dedication, and love that make the interfaith movement such a unique community.

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