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Are You Thinking of Proposing a Program for the 2023 Parliament Convening? Here Are 5 Reasons from Convening Attendees Themselves on Why You Should

Written by Parliament Staff
September 15, 2022

At next year’s Parliament Convening we leverage our global interfaith stage to highlight climate, peace, justice, women’s dignity, the next generation, Indigenous peoples, and religious communities from around the world in defending democracy, freedom and human rights. Become part of a legacy that includes heads of state, international spiritual luminaries, and organizers at the forefront of faith and global action by answering the Call for Programs by Thursday, November 3rd.

Here are 5 reasons, from Convening attendees themselves, why you should propose a program:

1. Your contribution makes Parliament Convenings “life-changing”

“Going to one of these conferences is definitely life-changing. The information that you hear during workshops and the experiences that you have create lifelong memories and a new lens in which to see the world. Thank you so much for your work on this conference. Can’t wait for the next one!”

2. You are a vital part of the global community that makes Parliament Convenings a uniquely diverse experience.

“…to be in the presence of so many people of goodwill and diversity of cultures, spiritual/religious experiences, the wide and amazing variety in the global community, all the positive actions that are happening globally, the shared concerns, the wisdom and shared values among us…”

3. You can foster deeper conversations on the critical issues facing our world.

“I was part of [a] presentation…The response from people who sat in circle were things like: this is the best session I’ve attended, it was a deeper conversation than I have with my best friends, I am changing my perspective, I love the connection with others. The presenters of this workshop were completely blown away by the power this circle had on the participants.”

4. Your program offerings create “learning communities”.

“Impressed with all the panels and presenters who participated and created “learning communities” working collaboratively themselves, welcoming input AND wisdom sharing from attendees, where all were equally engaged offering their learnings and committed to learning from each other to better our programs and world.”

5. Your voice is heard, and more importantly, needed at the world’s premier interfaith convening.

“I was absolutely delighted by the colourful and inclusive events and activities…I was impressed by the passion and commitment of some of the young presenters.  Overall a truly amazing event!!!”

“The energy of the other presenters and participants was wonderful and absolutely life changing to know that we are not alone doing this work! Many of the talks left a big impression on me – some of the elders in particular.”

The 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions will feature more than 1000 presenters from across the arts and media, political offices, social movements, and religious and spiritual officials and practitioners at its five-day 2023 convening, marking the 9th Parliament of the World’s Religions and the third to be hosted in its hometown of Chicago. 

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