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David Hales Addresses the Climate Action Assembly II

David Hales addresses the Climate Action Assembly II at the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago, USA.

We begin our time at this convening with the recognition that we are in a battle for the sustainability of our planet and for the souls of our children. Our treatment of this planet has reached a critical point, and we have choices to make. 

It is a historic turning point, and as we get close to it, we can see that it is more of a hairpin curve than it is a turning point. And if we go over the edge, we commit ourselves and we commit our children and our grandchildren in all future generations to climate disasters and social and economic disruption, which are almost impossible to describe and truly impossible to imagine. 

Our programs here have shown that we can make this turn if we act as our faiths guide us. Let’s celebrate where we are. Let’s celebrate what is happening. Let’s celebrate the work that has been done. Let’s celebrate the knowledge that has been generated by science about where we are and what we can do about it.

And let’s celebrate the wisdom of our faiths and let’s celebrate the strength of our community and our fellowship. As Casey Camp-Horinek said in our first assembly, we got this. 

Then let’s go back to work. We’re not out of the fossil fuel and consumer consumption-driven thicket yet, but we can see the pathways and we can blaze the trail for millions.

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