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Debra Boudreaux Offers Prayer at the Community Plenary

Debra Boudreaux addressed the Community Plenary at the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago, USA.

We see every interfaith religion, you share your thoughts, we all come together, we create our own community, circulary, everyone, we share our compassion, everyone, we share our solutions, everyone, we share our stories of life. 

On behalf of Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation and 2023 Parliament of World Religions Board of Trustee, please accept our sincere appreciation. In this dynamic environment, we feel so many peace, justice, and freedom. We also feel compassion. We have our own destiny. From here, we’re going to go back to our community. 

When you see the video clips, let me share with you Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, Dharma Master Cheng Yen, she cannot be here with you all. But what can we share with you after the video clips? The economic justice, what can you take away? This is the bamboo bank I’m holding in my hands. Listen, the songs of love, the love from our brothers, our sisters, every one of you can become a mentor to deliver your love and care to all the vulnerable populations, the all the vulnerable in the communities. 

At this moment, in Maui, Hawaii, so many brothers and sisters suffering their loss of their homes, they are waiting for every one of us to deliver our care and love. This kind of care and love in action rely on every interfaith, rely on every one of you. A small change can make a big difference. The other community stories I would like to share with you, every one of us, we can become someone’s mentor, we can become someone’s leading light, your compassion, your heart. A lot of time it’s just a simple care, a hug, a sitting together, and listening to others story.

When every time we eat our meal, remember enough for our nutrition, consider to save 20%. So there is a movement for economic movement to helping others, 80/20. 80 % of your food nutrition, 20% of your love and care for another vulnerable, SDG1 hunger, SDG2 reduced hunger, that’s work together, SDG3 for education, SDG4 for healthy community. Economic justice, Global Ethic, that’s all working together and all the religious representative, every one of you in 2023 Parliament of World’s Religions, that’s be someone’s partners, that’s be someone’s friend, that’s be someone’s mentors, no matter your sisterhood position, brotherhood position, grandfather, grandmother, you are scholar, you are academic leaders, like Master Cheng Yen say, “Community in action, community working together, compassion from every one of us from your heart.”

Thank you. Thank you for coming to the Community Plenary. We hope you’ll come back tonight at 7 p.m. for Sacred Music Night.

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