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Impelling world religions toward climate change and social justice solutions

August 23, 2023
Originally published by A Lotus in the Mud on August 23 by PARVEEN CHOPRA
Exclusive interviews with the Parliament of the World’s Religions Chairman and the Executive Director as well as a faith leader at the Chicago convening in mid-August.

Electric was the subjective feel of the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago held August 14-18. There was visible bonhomie between people, many wearing colorful clothes or ethnic attire. Amity and understanding marked the programs and panels. Differences on some issues were discussed but in a civil way.

So, what was achieved by the mega event of the biggest interfaith movement of our times? Is there a shift from fostering inter-religious understanding to addressing pressing issues of our times, such as climate change and social justice? Lotus conducted these exclusive interviews amid fervent activities at the McCormick Place venue.

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