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Muni Shri 108 Praman Sagar Ji Maharaj Addresses the Crisis Plenary

Muni Shri 108 Praman Sagar Ji Maharaj addressed the Crisis Plenary at the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago, USA.

Om. Today’s times are times of development. In today’s times of intellectual, economic and technical development, human being seems to be very prosperous and strong. But at the same time, they are very hollow and weak from the inside.

It feels as if the human beings’ powers are expanding day by day, but in reality, he is becoming powerless. The present situation of humankind is like a stick, which seems very colorful from the outside, but completely hollow from the inside; it is suffering from a disease. This type of stick can be very attractive and pleasing but it cannot be used for support.

Until a human being is strong enough from within, they cannot be truly capable of reaching their best potential. Today in the world, on one side, there is a new beginning of era of artificial intelligence (AI), while on the other hand, we see humans are equally in distress. Fear, worries, and trouble are clamping mankind in sickness.

Everyday a new problem arises in this world. To escape these problems, we have only one way and that is Dharma. I am extremely happy, that today everyone at Parliament of the World’s Religions has gathered together to embrace talks about pure and true religion.

If we see in true sense, religion does not need these Parliaments, we need these Parliaments for people who follow religion. If people who follow religion, embrace it in true spirit, the world will become the Parliament. Whenever we talk about religion, we see religion according to our personal and religious beliefs.

Today I say, that the relation to religion, is not about religious belief, but more about inner manifestation to the self. The essence of Dharam should resonate within everyone’s heart. In this context, the most significant form of Dharam is humanity.

Our aspiration and objective should be for every individual to embrace humane values. This is the pressing need of today. Until we cultivate this mindset, our personal accomplishments will be limited. In the entire world, what is the biggest thing that is lacking is “sensitivity”. Modern society’s materialistic nature has eroded human sensitivity the most. This insensitivity has led to increasing selfishness and self-centeredness. Individuals are reluctant to extend care beyond themselves. 

Our endeavor should be to instill compassion in every human heart. This compassion will flourish when we acknowledge the vital importance of coexistence. Coexistence means realizing the way I am, you are; the way I want to exists, other living being wants to exist, the way I have a soul, other beings have a soul too; the way I want to live in bliss, other living being also want to live in this bliss, the way I want to save myself from misery, the way I want to live, other living beings also want to live the same way. The way I do not want to die, similarly, other beings of the world do not want to die either. The way I have a soul, similarly, other beings have a soul.

Hence it is my duty TO LIVE AND LET LIVE and that is the preachings of Lord Mahavir. This message is encapsulated in the teachings of Mahavir Swami Bhagwan: to lead one’s own life while allowing others to do the same.

The paramount need of the world is grasping the concept of equality. All souls are equal, possessing identical attributes. Only when we internalize this notion can we genuinely think about and core for others. It is through this lens of equality that we can fulfill the responsibility of living harmoniously. Only then our heart will become compassionate towards others.

Me and others are equal. This is needed the most in today’s world. Male the compassion within you accelerate so that we think in the same for other as we think for ourselves. 

You can fulfill your own wishes but do not make others wishes get hurt or neglected for your benefits. Then we will be able to accomplish something in life. We should awaken our compassion which is only possible when we think others as ourselves.

Today we are seeing lack of this feeling. The way human values have deteriorated today has never happened in the past. Due to this lack of compassion everything has broken into enormous pieces. Unless and until we develop the quality of coexistence in our hearts, we won’t be able to develop nonviolence, mercy, love, harmony, friendship type great values within us.

Unfortunately, due to increased insensitivity violence is replacing nonviolence, atrocity is replacing compassion, selfishness is replacing selflessness. The virtue of Brotherhood is declining, love is turning to hatred. This has made man too brutal and incentive being. Ruthlessness has come up in the nature of man which has brought many problems in our lives. 

We should take this matter very seriously. On this PoWR platform I would give only this message of live and let live! We should live and let others live. We need to treat others the way we want to be treated. Then only we will be able to rise our life, our life to its optimum level and then only we will be able to establish Dharam in entire universe.

May everyone be able to experience this kind of Dharam in their lives. Let all be happy, let all be free debilitation, let all see goodness, let there be no victims of sorrow.

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