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Parliament Announces Call for Programs Deadline to be Extended

October 3, 2022

The Parliament of the World’s Religions has formally extended the Call for Programs for the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions to Thursday, November 3rd. Take advantage of an extra month to brainstorm, plan, and organize your program proposal. Join hundreds of presenters and thousands of global attendees in defending freedom and human rights through the Call for Programs.

Programming for the 2023 Parliament will focus largely, but not exclusively on:

The Theme of the Convening

This program track aims to raise hope and empower people of faith and goodwill in addressing the foundational issue of our time; the threat to freedom and human rights and the rise of autocracy in our world.

Faith & Democracy

This program track examines and offers practical insights for people of faith and goodwill originating in both homogenous and diverse social environments to defend freedom, human rights, and enhance equity in the political process.

The City of Chicago

This program track showcases how Chicagoans leverage faith and interfaith cooperation for achieving a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future.

Faith & Interfaith Understanding

This program track features commentary, activities, or rituals that spotlight what is at the heart of a unique tradition or contributes dialogue through the lens of multifaith relationship and cooperation.

Peace & Justice track Peace & Justice

This program track features projects and models addressing injustice, through concrete action, that offer insights and training on peace and justice.

Climate Action

This program track addresses the role of faith and spiritual communities in encouraging and enabling collective and individual action to reduce and counter the adverse impacts of human-caused climate change.

Indigenous Peoples

This program track features ritual, workshops, artistic expression, sacred observances, or panels led by Indigenous Peoples.

The Next Generation

This program track features youth and young adult changemakers working towards interfaith cooperation in their communities and tackling the critical issues facing the world.

Women & Girls track Women & Girls

This program track advances collective and individual action to promote the dignity and human rights of women and girls, stop religiously justified violence, and promote women’s leadership and equal participation in religious, spiritual, and civic institutions.

The Global Ethic

This program track advances 1 or all of the ethical commitments of the Global Ethic: non-violence & respect for life, solidarity & a just economic order, tolerance & a life of truthfulness, equal rights & partnership between men and women, and sustainability & care for the Earth.

Showcase best practices, storytelling, artistic expression, spiritually nourishing ritual, and emerging data, highlighting the wisdom of specialists from across sectors and up to 200 unique religious and spiritual affiliations. Pick the format that best fits your needs:

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