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Parliament of the World’s Religions 2023 spotlights inclusivity and diversity

September 16, 2023
Originally published by A Lotus in the Mud on August 16 by PARVEEN CHOPRA
First part of the exclusive coverage of the mega interfaith event in Chicago for Lotus web magazine.

For Lotus, Parliament of the World’s Religions 2023 in Chicago is like manna from heaven. A large part of the content of the 5-day convening in Chicago coheres with us. The 6,500 people assembled here from 95 countries and over 200 religious-spiritual groups from Baha’is to Zoroastrians, and the bonhomie seen among them is a microcosm of what the world can be, ideally, but is not.

‘Call to conscience: Defending Freedom & Human Rights’ is the title theme of the Parliament of the World’s Religions (PoWR) that opened on August 14. So, besides the usual suspects like religious freedom, inclusivity and diversity, topics to be addressed at the plenary sessions and numerous workshops and panels include climate change, human rights, food security, social justice and women’s rights. Which seems to be an effort by PoWR to give a call to action to faith groups and associates to come out of their silos. The urgency to save the earth, and, in turn humanity, from the feared cataclysmic events to come is evident in the programming. Can you believe that one plenary session had over a dozen faith and spiritual leaders deliver their messages at the ‘Climate Repentance Ceremony’ on August 15.

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