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Rev. Vance Henry Welcomes Faith Leaders Defending Freedoms in Chicago

March 21, 2023

Rev. Vance Henry, the Chief of Faith Engagement at the Mayor’s Office, joins the Trustees of the Parliament of the World’s Religions for a press conference on the organization’s call to conscience to the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions. Answer the call, register today!

Transcript of Speech:

On behalf of the Mayor of our great City, it is an honor and a privilege this morning to join this August body, to Congressman Russ, to the Chairman, to Steve and the trustees, and all of you who have gathered today. To be sure Chicago is a world-class City and we are so honored today to be joined by this wonderful body of religious leaders who stand as pillars both in the city and in our country and across the length and breadth of the world. 

It is a no happenstance that Chicago is hosting this wonderful [Parliament of the World’s Religions]. In 1893 during the [World’s Fair], the Parliament, a group of religious leaders got together like this today and they thought it appropriate, they thought it fitting, proper that they ask questions about what God had to say about the world and its future. 

And so today, we are so honored today to have you and for you to announce to Chicago, to in fact announce to the world, that religious leaders are still at the forefront of championing and asking the questions and doing the work to protect the freedoms of our world, the freedoms of this great country.  And so today on behalf of the Mayor of our great city: we thank you, we welcome you here. 

In fact, I think it was Oliver Wendell Holmes who said, and appropriately so, the wonderful thing about the world is not so much the place in which we stand but in which the direction in which we’re headed. And so today we know that because of the [Parliament of the World’s Religions] Chicago, the world, and this country is headed in the right direction. Thank you so much.

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