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Spiritual Playdate Joins Forces with PoWR to Host Kids Track at the 2023 Parliament Convening

April 20, 2023

Playdate at the Parliament is returning to the Parliament Convening, as the Parliament of the World’s Religions (PoWR) and Spiritual Playdate partner once again to offer interactive programming as part of the newly launched Kids of PoWR track at the 2023 Parliament of the World’s Religions this August. The newly created track highlights PoWR’s commitment to addressing the challenges of humanity by enlightening and inspiring young people.

The Chicago-based L3C, Spiritual Playdate joins the 2023 Parliament Convening to host Playdate at the Parliament, offering 5 days of engaging, interactive, and meaningful programs to empower kids of all ages. “When kids are allowed to experience diversity of thought and belief and see adults gathering together to solve problems, it develops their critical thinking skills, gives them a more realistic worldview, and cultivates hope,” said Edwina Cowell, founder of Spiritual Playdate. “Hope is a precious thing we all need these days, especially kids.” Interested in proposing a program for the Kids of PoWR track? Learn more from our partners at Spiritual Playdate→

PoWR and Spiritual Playdate are committed to fostering dialogue that transcends borders of both faith and land, enabling youth to explore, discover, and celebrate the beauty and power of belief and conscience. PoWR and Spiritual Playdate’s first official programmatic partnership took place at the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto, Canada with the Interfaith Family Festival.

The Kids of PoWR program track at the 2023 Parliament Convening is open to children ages 6-13 in the company of a registered parent or guardian, offering general admission for the 5-day program for $100 per child and a day pass for two kids at the price of one for $50. Learn more about the partnership, program, and registration at